Action on domestic violence must not stop

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IT is the insidious and increasingly prevalent behind-closed-doors crime that is wreaking havoc on all pockets of our community.
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Domestic and family violence does not discriminate.

It happens to the richand the poor, and across all socioeconomic classes and cultures. And, it’s on the rise.

Onein five Australian womenwill experience sexual assault in their lifetime, while one in three will experience some other form of domestic violence.

Last year, more than 100 women were killed or were the victims of attempted murder in family anddomesticviolence-related homicides.

Thankfully, the lid is slowly being lifted on the crime, with many community support agencies and services spearheadingawareness and education programs.

But we must not stop now.

A Tamworth frontline worker, who was among dozens to partake in Friday’s Reclaim the Night walk to raise awareness of violence against women, has called for more education programs aimed at young people to help curb the spike in domestic and family violence.

Educating young boys and girls about respect and healthy relationships should not be undervalued.

For too long, this issue has been swept under the carpet. And for one reason or another, those in rural and remote communities are reporting it less than their metropolitan counterparts.

Tamworth’s Reclaim the Night walk was part of an international event that aims to stamp out fear by encouraging women to march against violence.

It is encouraging to see the local community band together and support such an important cause.

What is also pleasing is the federal government announcing on Friday a$100 millionpackage, the Third Action Plan of the National Plan to ReduceViolenceagainst Women and their Children 2010-2022.

How that money will manifest in our community is yet to be clear, but the fact the issue is on the national and local agenda is a great start.We must continue educating young people in a bid to help curb the prevalence of violence. Whether it is occurring more frequently or whether women are just more inclined to report it, the fact we need to address it remains clear.

No person –whether woman, man or child –deserves to live in fear.

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