Fans rush for meeting with blogging Queen

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Online royalty: Constance Hall will take her book tour to New Zealand, England and Ireland before the end of the year. Picture: Max Mason-HubersPHILIPPA Colelough describes straight-talking blogger and author Constance Hall as the older sister many women didn’t realise they needed.
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“Constance is saying the things that for so long we have been ashamed to say,” said Ms Colelough, a mother of four from Maryland.

Newcastle queens descended on Central to hear blogger #constancehall talk about book #[email protected]南京夜网/Jb3MhKygdZ

— Helen Gregory (@HGregory_Herald) October 30, 2016Like A Queen signed.

Hall, a Fremantle mother of four, has been writing for about 10 years but noticed her 2000 Facebook followers jump to260,000 after a particularly revealing post in January this year. She now has about 988,000 fans or Queens, who relish her honesty about pregnancy, motherhood, relationships and body image.

“I push myself with every single article/post to strip back my inhibitions and share thoughts that even I wasn’t aware of until I revealed them to you,” Hall wrote on her blog. “I’m a mum and wife.I’ve never been happier and never been more miserable in my life.”

Hall said she loved women and wanted to “connect with them, learn from them, fill them with confidence and validate them”.

Wallsend mother of three Deanna Blake said many of Hall’s fans felt they knew her.

“I love how real she is,” Ms Wrightson said. “The things she says are so relatable.

“I want to tell her what she’s done for me, that she’s changed the way I see myself and the whole world.

“There’s lotsof pressure on mums that you have to do it all and you’ve got to do it all right. I’m now a lot more focused on teaching my sons about what women are really like, rather than letting them believe what they see in magazines and on tv.”

Rebecca Boyes brought her seven month old daughterRuby and said reading Hall’s posts was like “therapy”.

“She’s encouraged us to realise we’re not alone, to be more communicative with each other, to have confidence and remind ourselves ‘you’ve got this’, that we can do it even if we’re tired.”

Penny McGrath and her partner Luke Whittaker drove from Forster with gifts for Hall’s family. “Constance has given so much to women around the world that I wanted to show my appreciation.”​