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TRICK OR TREAT: Our pick of the pics this week is ‘vampire’ Kayla Sullivan celebrating Halloween at Valmar Support Services on Monday, October 31. Photo: Alix Douglas.
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Al’s Kitchen ‘The Field Days food canteen’Al’s Kitchen was abuzz with life;

Atthe Piccaninny dawn;

From stations near and far;

The band of volunteers were drawn.

The RFS had gathered;

There to feed the hungry hoard;

To prep and serve their choices;

From Al’s Kitchen’s menu board

Everybody had their job;

Each member of the crew

With military discipline;

Each knows what they must do

The bread was buttered, bacon fried;

The eggs were cracking fast;

The schnitties fried;

And popped into the oven so they’d last

A quiet start, they trickled through;

The chips began to fry

The salads prepped, the steaks are on;

We start to wonder why

The people are not hungry yet;

Where is the great big queue?

And still we cook and butter bread;

And find more things to do

Eleven comes, the rush begins;

All hands to stations now

We see the queue go winding back;

The only word is WOW

Four hours of relentless rush;

The queue will not abate

It stretches from the food hall;

All the wayout to the gate

Still everybody has a job;

Still each one knows their place

There’s a tired look developing;

Across each server’s face

A schnitty here with coleslaw;

Andthree steaks all with the lot

Oh yeah a sanger in a bun;

I nearly just forgot

The process runs like clockwork;

As we push them through the line

And still they come and still we push;

The process works just fine

The rush is done a little rest;

Then cleaning can begin

We made it through and fed them all;

Each wears a tired grin

A masterful arrangement;

The precision must be seen

As we fed a mighty army;

At the Field Days Food canteen

Marty Boyce 2016

Yass airport under fireYour article onOctober 18 andquote:“Development application to extend a private airstrip is on public exhibition…” QuoteTed McIntosh:“I don’t think there will be much criticism over the DA…”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The proposal would allow a peaceful rural area to become a very noisy hub of light aircraft activity.

Apart from potentially high levels of very intrusive aircraft noise, local residents are concerned about safety, fire risks, pollution, increased usage of unsealed roads, heavy vehicles, privacy, wildlife and stock impacts, erosion and reduced property values.

Impacts could also extend to other areas, including Yass itself, as users based at the proposed airport would be largely unrestricted about where they can fly.

I urge all Yass Valley residents to examine the proposal, details of which are on the Yass Valley Council website (Andquote; On Exhibition) and submit their concerns to council.

Unfortunately, the period for public comment expires today (November 2).

Linda Thane –Yass

YASS RODEO a poemThe arena lights shine brightly;

Dust shimmers above the ground.

The crowd is waiting silently;

For the last bull of the final round.

The cowboy climbs the chute;

Tightens the rope around his hand.

Then with a nod, the game is on;

A contest between bull and man.

They burst out into the arena;

You can hear the crowd roar.

But the bull has got the best of him;

Throughthe air we see him soar.

He hits the ground in a cloud of dust;

The clowns now by his side.

He picks up his hat and curses;

That bull he couldn’t ride.

The announcer tells us it’s over;

He’ll see us another day.

There’s no dust in the lights now;

As the crowds fade away.

The rodeo is finally over;

Everyone packs away their gear.

They said it was a good one;

And hope to be in Yass next year.

The crowd is suddenly quite;

Dust drifts in the air.

The cowboy grips the rope.

John McKenchie, December 2011

Classic Yass this weekendI wish to letpeople know that even though it is not listed in the Yass Valley Council’s Events Calendar, the Classic Yass weekend will be held on November 5 and 6, 2016.

For 11 years, the Yass Antique Motor Club have run this very successful event,some years receiving grants from council.

Last month when the events calendar did not include our event, we made enquiries and were told that it was an administrative error.We have had a development application approved.

The Tourist Information Centre has asked for flyers to hand out attourist events.

We would like to know how to getthe event listed next year. It is too late this year.

Ruth Thompson –Yass

YASSFM on Greyhounds and BoomerangsNot unlike boomerangs – the Greyhounds have come back!This was clearly evident in YASSFM’S program “Yes Yass it’s Saturday’ when local greyhound breeder and trainer Neil Staines ‘came on board’ full of a renewed elation to discuss the NSW Government’s back flip to reinstate this racing industry.

With over fifteen race meeting venues in NSW, it is easy to imagine the immeasurable number of supporting industries, families and individuals that rely on the greyhound industry for their financial survival and motivation.

It is integral to our Australian culture, and in particular, the racing industry generally.

A force for better welfare of all involved, especially the greyhounds, is clearly transparent under numerous publicity.

The vast majority of participants want that minority of lawbreakers weeded out.

A variety of ‘Greyhound Adoption Programs’ are available via the net.

Yass FM

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