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LOSSES: How much money is Ballarat losing because we are not in a Liberal-held seat, asks one reader.Is Ballarat missing out on much-needed funds?WEmay have missed out on some anticipated grants from Canberra as we are not a Liberal-held seat.
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Maybe we are not a Liberal-held seat as we missed some previously sought grants under Liberals.

Ballarat was, for decades, an extremely safe Liberal seat, but was lost over either money or policies.

There are not many other factors in politics other than charisma and charm; just look at Donald Trump. A plethora of well-picked, high profile Liberal candidates have fallen asunder as Catherine holds sevenper centin her fifth term, and thankfully, she is not complacent about this.

I say she has policies, charisma and charm and only lacks money from the narrowest of margins the Liberals won by. This is called a mandate until it hits the senate. Three out of four is not too bad.

– Colin Holmes, Ballarat

Don’t abandon the pawns in this heartless gameWHY don’t we hear the cries of broken refugees in offshore detention centres? The government should listen to the many passionate Australians who care and feel shamedand stop this stupid hearts of stone game; the policy of “they shall never come to Australia”.

It is childish and heartless to abandon these lives, pawns in a ruthless world of utter misery.Close the detention centres, bring this sad, unfortunate group of people into our land and give them hope, in a one off, act of mercy. Then let us see if our policy of stop the boats is as successful and effective as they say.

Prove it, in a one-off act of kindness to these human beings who have been placed out of sight and out of mind. We can still stand firm on a stop the boats policy if it does control our borders.

– June Johnson, Alfredton

Thanks for the support during campaignAS my first time standing for council, it has been a great experience and I learned much.

Special interest groups forced me to research many important issues. The survey results are now on many of their websites (links on my Facebookpage).

I would like to thank the many people who helped with advice and in particular the hard slog of walking most of south ward delivering flyers. Given the huge expense of posting, it was my only choice.

People I chanced to meet outside their homes were without exception very nice, but it was physically hard walking several hours daily for weeks. Even my dog complained.

It is a pity more people did not attend the public forums to hear directly from their candidates. My thanks to John Barnes and the Ballarat Residents andRatepayers Association for their illuminating series of forums for candidates and community.

– Merle Hathaway, Ballarat

Support for refugee groups in BallaratappreciatedTHANK you for the article, “Refugee Compassion Plea” printed in The Courier on October 15. The refugee groups in Ballarat sincerely appreciate your support in their strivings for justice over the last fourteen years.

It is heartbreaking and frightening to learn that the Department of Immigration and Border Force are introducing yet more policies to hurt innocent people.

There are influential figures in our country, who have exceptional ideas for resettling our refugees.

If only our politicians would soften their hardened hearts and open the gates of mercy. Right now is the time to admit that our border policies are evil.

We will applaud any politician who has the courage to stand up and demand that the cruelty has to stop.

Please don’t wait for our grandchildren to have to say “sorry” on our behalf.

– Diane Collacott, Ballarat

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