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I admit that I am a cynic. I wasn’t always. I was very idealistic in my youth but experience has a habit of eroding idealism down to granite-like scepticism.
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There are times when I see things for sale in shops and am totally perplexed as to why human beings have bothered to put time and energy into making them.

Such items which have been manufactured overseas, shipped here (probably or mainly from China) in one of those large containers on board a ship with 10,000 other such containers, trucked to our township to be unpacked and placed enticingly on a shop display unit.

So, recently, I was in a chemist shop waiting for a prescription and my eyes drifted over to the nearest display unit. A group of grey vases and a couple of grey coloured clocks were there. They looked totally unremarkable to me.

I looked closer to read the label because I assumed there had to be more to such items than I could ascertain. One label read, ‘clock, natural cement.’ Stunned, I had to read it again and was flabbergasted by the suggestion that the cement was in some way natural.

Who on earth would want a ‘natural’ cement clock with matching ‘natural’ cement vase? Such is the power of the word ‘natural’ that it can be applied to anything in a bid to enhance sales. The concept of natural cement is an oxymoron.

Once my brain had recovered from this attack upon the English language, my gaze drifted to a collection of small boxes. They were exhibited with the banner, ‘Little Boxes of Happiness.’ Oh, this was going to be another example of the bleedin’ ridiculous.

The boxes had lids which were labelled ‘Love.’ ‘Mother,’ and other nauseously mass produced sentiments. I picked up the ‘Love’ one. Inside was a silver heart, compass and tiny key, a piece of a jigsaw and a wooden peg! Intrigued, I read the accompanying explanation card. The key is to giver of this gift’s heart, the heart a symbol of love, the compass to represent how you guide the giver through life, and this otherwise directionless life being incomplete as a jigsaw with one piece missing.

But the absolute absurdity was the peg, the PEG represented keeping them together!

My cynical brain was at a point of implosion! –Moira Neagle.

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