BDCA Scorecards – October 30

Nanjing Night Net

At MyJet Oval

Bendigo 1st Innings

S KOOP not out 82

K CHANT b Smith 9

C PEARCE c S Johnson b Smith 2

N FITZPATRICK c Trollope b Baird 39

M RYAN c S Johnson b Bysouth 9

X RYAN run out 8

A PEARSON c Bysouth b Smith 6

R TRICKEY c J Johnson b Connelly 21

T HART b Smith 3

B GOODWIN not out 0

Sundries 6

Eight wickets for 185

Fall: 25, 31, 84, 110, 128, 142, 175, 185.

Bowling: L Baird 16-6-26-1, S Trollope 13-7-12-0, G Connelly 19-8-35-1, L Smith 19.6-3-52-5, J Bysouth 16-1-55-1, M Christie 1-1-0-0.

Batting Time: Overs: 84.6.

Golden Square 1st Innings

J LALOR c Hart b Goodwin 19

J HIGGINS c X Ryan b Fitzpatrick 22

S JOHNSON lbw b Fitzpatrick 0

Z KEIGHRAN b Fitzpatrick 10

J JOHNSON b Hart 39

G CONNELLY c X Ryan b Pearson 10


L SMITH b Hart 2

M CHRISTIE c Chant b Pearson 4

J BYSOUTH not out 16

L BAIRD not out 6

Sundries 20

Nine wickets for 148

Fall: 33, 37, 47, 68, 106, 108, 112, 116, 117.

Bowling: N Fitzpatrick 13-4-33-3, A Pearson 13-7-16-2, J Francis 10-4-16-0, T Hart 22-8-48-3, B Goodwin 5-2-9-1.

Batting Time: Overs: 63.


At Sunline Plastering Oval

Huntly North Epsom 1st Innings

L MCRAE b Wade 10

E MASSINA c & b Bourke 26

B MCRAE c Wade b Bourke 16

D CRUICKSHANK c Irwin b Wade 25

M HANSON c Wade b Bourke 13

C SMITH c Irwin b Bourke 20

B ELVEY not out 34

C MOORE c Irwin b Wade 5

P MOORE c ? b Irwin 19

J HODORAS not out 18

Sundries 15

Eight wickets for 201

Fall: 29, 59, 65, 87, 110, 127, 143, 174.

Bowling: R Irwin 18-4-49-1, C Dickins 11-4-15-0, M Winter-Irving 17-3-33-0, M Wade 17-8-29-3, J Bourke 20-5-60-4, J Matthews 2-0-5-0.

Batting Time: Overs: 85.

White Hills 1st Innings

R GRUNDY c B McRae b P Moore 0

G BOWLES b Massina 66

M WINTER-IRVING not out 102

A HOLLAND st B McRae b L McRae 9

J SHEEAN not out 8

R IRWIN c B McRae b P Moore 3

Sundries 20

Four wickets for 208

Fall: 0, 8, 142, 181.

Bowling: P Moore 17-5-42-2, C Moore 5-1-11-0, J Hodoras 10-2-23-0, M Rule 8-2-20-0, B Elvey 19-7-36-0, E Massina 10-0-41-1, L McRae 7.1-0-21-1.

Batting Time: Overs: 76.


At Champions IGA Oval

Strathfieldsaye 1st Innings

S BROWN c C Barber b Burns 3

B DEVANNY c D Barber b Hamblin 5

N SCULLIE lbw b Hamblin 4

G LYON c D Klemm b C Barber 21

Z SMYTH c Gibson b Jones 29

B RINALDI b Jones 8

J STUBBS lbw b Hamblin 26

B SCULLIE b D Klemm 26

C CULLEN b Burns 5

M CURTIS c Stubbings b Burns 2

D KELLY not out 2

Sundries 6

Total 137

Fall: 9, 10, 14, 58, 66, 85, 111, 127, 132, 137.

Bowling: A Burns 10.2-4-29-3, B Hamblin 13-3-32-3, L Jones 13-5-29-2, C Barber 10-2-34-1, D Klemm 6-3-9-1.

Batting Time: Overs: 52.2.

Kangaroo Flat 1st Innings

D BARBER c Lyon b Curtis 42

N STUBBINGS lbw b Curtis 20

J KLEMM c B Scullie b Cullen 14

D GIBSON lbw b Brown 70

A BURNS b Devanny 34

L SHELTON c Stubbs b Smyth 25

N NEWLAN not out 32

B HAMBLIN not out 28

Sundries 12

Six wickets for 277

Fall: 68, 69, 112, 166, 203, 230.

Bowling: C Cullen 25-10-47-1, M Curtis 18-3-51-2, D Kelly 18-5-60-0, S Brown 20-1-54-1, Z Smyth 9-1-28-1, B Devanny 16-8-19-1, B Rinaldi 1-0-9-0.

Batting Time: Overs: 107.


At Bendigo Door Centre Weeroona Oval

Sandhurst 1st Innings

B TORY c Jacobs b Johnston 0

S SPERLING c B DeAraugo b Bailie 18

T BEARD b J DeAraugo 4

Z MALIK c Neylon b Haythorpe 33

C HOWARD lbw b Bailie 0

B JONES lbw b J DeAraugo 18

S ROBINSON c Jacobs b Pappin 39

J SCHNEIDER c Jacobs b Taylor 9

W GADSDEN b J DeAraugo 2

R SMITH not out 0

B YARWOOD lbw b J DeAraugo 0

Sundries 8

Total 131

Fall: 5, 14, 43, 47, 65, 116, 129, 129, 131, 131.

Bowling: J DeAraugo 11.3-4-25-4, S Johnston 10-2-27-1, D Bailie 9-5-9-2, R Haythorpe 8-3-17-1, J Neylon 4-0-16-0, C Taylor 15-6-23-1, A Pappin 9-4-8-1.

Batting Time: Overs: 66.3.

Strathdale Maristians 1st Innings

J NEYLON b Howard 19

A HOSKING st Schneider b Howard 22

B DEARAUGO lbw b Howard 17

C TAYLOR lbw b Howard 0

L JACOBS st Schneider b Howard 21

D CLOHESY c Schneider b Sperling 3


J DEARAUGO c Tory b Howard 1

A PAPPIN b Howard 0

R HAYTHORPE lbw b Howard 2

D BAILIE not out 15

Sundries 4

Nine wickets for 130

Fall: 38, 53, 53, 72, 86, 86, 87, 87, 103.

Bowling: T Beard 11-7-11-0, R Smith 2-0-9-0, S Sperling 28-12-47-1, C Howard 30.1-12-60-9, Z Malik 1-1-0-0.

Batting Time: Overs: 72.


At Harry Trott

Bendigo United 1st Innings

C HOLMES c McGlashan b Tibbett 21

B GUNN c & b McGlashan 2

H BEHRENS c Ford b Monro 109

N CRAWFORD c Hon b Tibbett 0

M DI FEDE c Hawke b Monro 42

C HOWGATE b Monro 12

L MCDERMOTT c Jacobs b Monro 8

M PODOSKY c Ford b Monro 18

J THRUM not out 16


Sundries 19

Eight wickets for 251

Fall: 14, 28, 168, 194, 208, 209, 215, 243.

Bowling: R Tibbett 28-4-75-2, C McGlashan 15-2-38-1, A Monro 18-5-58-5, C Jacobs 13-3-33-0, B Hawke 3-1-19-0, J Shelton 8-3-16-0.

Batting Time: Overs: 85.

Eaglehawk 1st Innings

M FORD c Howgate b Culvenor 10

A SMITH c Bouwmeester b Crawford 43

A WEST lbw b McDermott 15

J SHELTON st Di Fede b Crawford 0

Z EAST c & b Crawford 0

C JACOBS c Culvenor b McDermott 2

R HON c Di Fede b McDermott 0

C MCGLASHAN not out 3

B HAWKE c Howgate b McDermott 0

R TIBBETT b McDermott 0

Sundries 12

Total 85

Fall: 41, 74, 74, 74, 80, 80, 85, 85, 85.

Bowling: J Bouwmeester 4-0-17-0, M Podosky 8-2-16-0, A Culvenor 5-1-15-1, L McDermott 9-3-17-5, N Crawford 8-4-14-3.

Batting Time: Overs: 34.

Eaglehawk 2nd Innings

M FORD not out 5

A SMITH c Di Fede b Holmes 15

A WEST not out 0

Sundries 6

One wicket for 26

Fall: 22.

Bowling: C Holmes 5-3-7-1, J Bouwmeester 5-1-13-0, J Thrum 1-1-0-0.

Batting Time: Overs: 11.

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Soccer: Valeri out and Troisi to return for Victory clash with Phoenix

Melbourne Victory coach Kevin Muscat will be without captain Carl Valeri for the visit of Wellington Phoenix on Monday night, but will regain the services of creative midfielder James Troisi.
Nanjing Night Net

Valeri, who plays a key role as Victory’s midfield screener and organiser, has hamstring problems that will rule him out, ensuring a shake up in the centre of the park.

Troisi, who has been missing with a broken collarbone sustained in the 1-1 draw with Brisbane in the opening round, will, however, be available although Muscat indicated he may not start.

“Carl’s pulled up sore … one of his hamstrings over the games in succession. He’ll miss out,” Muscat said on Sunday ahead of the now traditional Cup eve match against the Kiwis.

“I thought Rashid (Mahazi) did very well coming into the team on Tuesday night (the controversial FFA Cup semi-final loss to Melbourne City), so he’s in contention.

“James Troisi is available … once again whether he starts, possibly, but unlikely. He’s certainly made himself available, so we’ve got a few options,” the coach added.

Victory have been criticised this season for lacking a cutting edge and being rather more stodgy in attack than in previous years.

Muscat acknowledged that they needed to be sharper in forward areas, but did point out that his side has only not scored once in its four Cup and League games this season so far.

“If that’s going to be the criticism, I don’t think you can just label it down to individuals or one area of the park.

“All of our games, we’ve [only] not scored in one game,” he said.

“We want to be a little bit more aggressive in that front third. It’s an accumulation of things, probably better at retaining possession of the ball, I think we have improved and increased in that area.

“[If you do that] then it gives you more of an opportunity to get into those areas. Different games pose different problems in terms of where you’ve been pressed and teams dropping off, but I think if you look back at this fixture in the past and our games against Wellington I think there’ll be quite a few chances at both ends.”

Wellington coach Ernie Merrick, who spent five successful seasons at Victory before being dumped, needs little motivation for putting one over his former employers.

The Nix were expected to be a strong attacking threat this season having signed a plethora of talented front men – including ex-Victory pair Kosta Barbarouses and Gui Finkler – but have so far been drawing blanks.

In three A-League matches they are both winless and goalless.

Muscat believes the statistics do not reflect the reality as far as Merrick’s men are concerned.

“You can analyse the stats there, they were unlucky last week [when Phoenix lost to a late Sydney goal]. I’m looking forward to the way they want to play and who they have available and the way we’re going to address the game. Tomorrow night will be a good spectacle with a lot of goal-mouth incidents.

“Kosta’s a good player, both him and Gui have shared some great memories at this football club, so I’m sure our members and fans will appreciate it and show them the respect they deserve for their time at Melbourne Victory.”

Muscat was more circumspect when quizzed whether promising teenager Sebastian Pasquali would get a chance in the starting line-up. The youngster has been linked with a move to the Ajax academy in Amsterdam, but Muscat on Sunday kept his cards close to his chest on whether the 16-year-old would figure from the outset against Wellington.

“He does need to be managed. One thing we haven’t done and I certainly won’t do in my team here is compromise a youngster’s development. How long is he going to last because of his conditioning?

“He’s improved [with] the way he’s been managed by the conditioning staff, medical staff, integrating him into first-team football from a couple of days a week to four days week full sessions.

“He’s at a point now he’s completing all the sessions, he’s knocking on the door, you’ve witnessed as much as I have, he’s certainly knocking on the door.”

*Muscat was fined $5000 on Friday by the FFA for the comments he made about referee Shaun Evans after Victory’s exit in the Cup semi-final. The coach was particularly incensed that City’s first goal (in a 2-0 win) was allowed to stand as he believes Tim Cahill was in an offside position and interfering with play when Luke Brattan fired in his long-range drive.

Asked for his reaction on Sunday, Muscat said “I’ll get through tomorrow’s game and then I’ll work out where we go from there.

“It’s disappointing, at some point in time someone has to stand up for what they believe in to protect their own.

“What I said – I accept I could’ve chosen different words, my intentions weren’t to offend or question the integrity of the referee, I just felt I had to stand up for the players because that’s what I believed at the time.

“It’s gone now, I’d rather move on because it’s irrelevant now, but I felt at the time something needed to be said.”

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Whole new look for Marvel

Out of body experience: Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One gives Benedict Cumberbatch’s Dr Steven Strange a push in Doctor Strange, rated M and in cinemas now.Marvel Studios promised a whole new style for its latest offering and it sure delivered.
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Doctor Strange feels quite unlike anything the studio has created before.

It’s a tighter origin story than Captain American, Thor or even Iron Man.

Itsclosest comparison visually is Guardians of the Galaxy, but even that’s a stretch.

Dr Steven Strange (Oscar-nominee Benedict Cumberbatch, inevitably finding himself in a superhero movie) himself has all the arrogance of Tony Stark without the one-liners to redeem himself.

The film introduces Strange, an exceptionally talented and intelligent surgeon, working at a hospital in New York.

He is condescending to those below him, flirts with his ex-girlfriend Christine (the incomparable Rachel McAdams) and thinks more highly of himself than he has a right to. But the good times can’t last, of course, and a devastating car crash (the likes of which Along Came a Spider could only dream of) leaves Strange horribly injured and unable to continue surgical work.

This is where the origin story really kicks in, with Strange travelling to Kathmandu, Nepal to seek a treatment which helped a former paraplegic get back on his feet, literally.

He meets the mysteriously named sorcerer The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton, causing controversy as a white woman playing a character portrayed in the comics as an Asian man), allies in Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor, always brilliant) and Wong (Benedict Wong, Ejiofor’s The Martian co-star) and learns some mysteries of the universe he never knew existed.

In Nepal the film takes a turn for the psychedelic, bringing the 1960s influences of the comics to the screen.

The visual effects are quite unlike anything we’ve seen in a superhero movie before –this feels rather more like a sci-fi adventure (think Jumper, Chronicle, Inception).

The consistently creepy Mads Mikkelsen (Casino Royale) has a gleeful time as primary villainKaecilius and rocks the coolest make-up in the film.

Marvel has definitely stepped up its game with Doctor Strange and opened up the cinematic universe to uncharted territories.

Be sure to stick around for the post-credit scene to see a very familiar face.

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‘It shouldn’t be so hard to get justice’: Retiree housing disputes

Marjorie Woollard, 89, with her daughter Marjorie Bertrand, found taking her landlord to VCAT an exhausting ordeal. Photo: Simon SchluterWhen the security and comfort Marjorie Woollard planned for her retirement was threatened, she fought back – and won.
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But instead of feeling victorious, the 89-year-old and her family are wondering why it was so hard to seek justice.

Mrs Woollard moved into her demountable unit at Dromana Lifestyle Village six years ago, thinking the former caravan park, with its mix of retirees and holidaymakers, would have “a bit more life” than a regular retirement village, her daughter Marjorie Barrand explains.

She agreed to pay $38 a week to maintain communal facilities, after buying a 99-year lease on her lot.

But that rent started to grow, marginally at first, before jumping 60 per cent during 2014 to $82 a week, with no extra services. Early this year, the park told her that rent would rise another $6 or $7.

Mrs Woollard disputed the increases but then discovered laws designed to protect consumers did not cover her long-term lease.

Eventually, with the help of the Consumer Action Legal Centre, Mrs Woollard took her landlord to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal for breach of contract.  VCAT ruled in her favour, finding the landlord had no right to “pluck figures out of the air” when deciding rent increases.

But it is a hollow victory.

“It absolutely caused a lot of stress,” Mrs Barrand said of the three-day hearing and numerous trips her mother made to Melbourne in preparation.

“Being cross-examined by a barrister in court, being on a stand – it’s pretty daunting.

“We really shouldn’t be making it so hard for older people in our society to seek justice.”

The landlord’s barrister John Ribbands said his client, who took charge of the village in 2013, had only applied rent increases to match expenses calculated under previous managers.

Ms Woollard’s story is not unique. A Victorian parliamentary inquiry into the retirement housing sector has received more than 750 submissions, many of them from individuals detailing a complex web of contractual arrangements.

In some cases, residents’ savings were eroded and they were left feeling exploited. Many have called for a retirement housing ombudsman.

The parliamentary inquiry is examining the operation and regulation of retirement villages, caravan parks, residential parks and independent living units.

Housing for the Aged Action Group co-manager Fiona York said contracts were often poorly understood by residents who were forking out large fees when they left retirement villages.

These can include excessive repair bills and “deferred management fees”, which are incurred management costs that are paid when residents leave the village.

“People struggle to understand what the fees cover, how they are calculated and are often shocked at how high they are,” she said.

One operator of retirement units and apartments, Baptcare, said in its submission existing laws adequately protected the rights of retirement village residents. Baptcare – which has retired living communities in Camberwell, Doncaster East, Footscray, Kew and McLeod – said it received few complaints and an ombudsman for the sector was unnecessary.

However, it did support efforts to simplify legislation making it easier for consumers to understand and exercise their rights.

For Marjorie Woollard the saga that dragged on nearly two and a half years is still not over.

The parties are set to return to VCAT to settle how much the landlord owes her.

“VCAT is supposed to be a people’s court that’s easy to navigate but it’s definitely not – and for someone her age, if we didn’t have Consumer Action we certainly couldn’t have done it,” Mrs Barrand said.

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Tie breaks in tough comp

Tie breaks in tough comp Back-hand: Brinkley’s Ryan Lee keeps his eye on the ball in a recent match.
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In action: Jervois’ Alexander Hall watches the ball to his racquet in a recent junior hard court tennis match.

Reaching high: Lutheran Blue’s Sabine Zadow jumps up to reach a high ball in a recent junior hard court tennis match.

Concentration: Jervois’ Brittany Liebich plays a forehand shot in a recent junior hard court tennis match.

Swing: Lutheran Blue’s Matthew Kuberk plays a forehand shot in a recent junior hard court tennis match.

TweetFacebookSeniorTailem Bend v Lutheran Blue

Lutheran Blue won the top and bottom doubles, while TailemBend prevailed the middle.

Tailem Bend’s Kane Mason and Daniel Perks fought hard in an excellent gameto win in a tie break, 7-3 against Lutheran’s Eric Baker and Jesse Linton.

The tie breaks continued in the singles as Joanna Watts of Tailem Bend won over Lutheran’s Chelsea Hagger 7-5, while Lutheran’s Baker was too good for Tailem Bend’s Mason winning, 9-7.

By the end of the night,sets were level at sixapiece with Lutheran Blue inching past as the victors 67-56 games.

Mypolonga vLutheran Red

Matches between Mypolonga and Lutheran Redwere much closer than the score indicated,with two tie-breaks and one going each way.

Two set winners were, Matthew Goldsmith, Theo Weinmann, Joel Schumacher, Zac Wachtel and Helen Redden.

JuniorBrinkley v Lutheran Red

There were some close games throughout the day, one between Alex Hein and Ryan Lee against Jordan and Brayden Hein.

The Hein brothers won another tie break, 5-6(4-7).

Kyle Watts and Ryan Allchurch combined well to defeat Dudley Rigney and Matthew Kubenk, 6-3.

Daniel Buhagiar and Harry Rigney had a win over Chloe Geue and Lachlan Mann, 6-1.

Jordan Hein gained another set for Lutheran in a hard fought match against Alex Hein, winning, 6-0.

Lee played consistently to defeat Brayden Hein, 6-0.

Watts, Allchurch, Buhagiar and Harry Rigney all had comfortable wins over their opponents, Dudley Rigney, Kubenk, Geue and Mann.

Brinkley took out the day, seven sets, 47 games to Lutheran Red’s two sets, 18 games.

Lutheran Blue v Mannum Green

Lutheran Blue took on Mannum Green in a match that could have gone either way due to numerous close sets.

Three out of fourof the doubles matches went to fivegames all before being decided.

Liam Joppich and Tylah Clarke for Lutheran Blueplayed well to defeat Mannum’s Thomas Chadwick and Lachlan Treloar.

A highlight of the singles was a 6-5 win to Brock Treloar over Lutheran’s Jordan Adams.

Both boys played some solid shots and some good rallies were held.

In the top singles, Andrew Ahrens and Cooper Grabowski played yet another of the battles they have had over the years.

Grabowski had the lead early but Ahrens fought back to just get over the line in a tie-break.

Other Lutheran winners were Sabine Zadow, Mitchell Constant, Liam Joppich and Tylah Clarke.

Other Mannum winners were Toby Christiansen and Brock Heward.

Mannum Gold v Jervois

The match betweenMannum Gold and Jervois showed some good tennis from both sides.

Jervois came out overall winners.

Top doubles was a tough decider, Mannum Gold’s Lachlan Stennett andConnor Barker defeated Lachlan Gale andAlexander Hall, 6-5.

Jervois’ Lachlan Galehad a good singles win over Lachlan Stennett, both players displayed some great hitting strokes.

New sister duo Ebony andBriana Weber for Mannum Goldhad a convincing win in their doubles against Mitchell Gale and Cameron Braendler, 6-1.

Both Mannum Gold girls wontheir singles.

Tegan Afford and Brittany Liebech for Jervoiscame out strong against Monique Stennett and Madison Muirhead and won, 6-1.

Jervois’ Tegan Afford followed with a good win in her singles against Madison Muirhead, 6-2.

A close match between Jervois’ Alexander Hill and Monique Stennett resulted in Hill the winner, 6-5.

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Melbourne Cup 2016: Internationals talking tough as punters remain baffled

Beating the handicapper: Heartbreak City during a Werribee gallop. Photo: Vince CaligiuriWizard of Odds: Live Odds, Form and Alerts for all RacingDownloadable Cup sweep
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The tough-talking connections of the Melbourne Cup’s international runners have between them boasted of beating the handicapper and arriving armed with the best European credentials as punters remain baffled over who to believe.

Still seeking to be the first overseas runner to win the Melbourne Cup without a lead-up run in Australia, the owners of Irish X-factor Heartbreak City have cheekily suggested they’ve snuck under chief handicapper Greg Carpenter’s guide with just  54 kilograms.

“Tony [Martin] is a master trainer at beating the handicapper and the system and he said, ‘I don’t want to run him in any group 1s because I want to keep his weight down and keep it below Wicklow Brave’,” said Australian Thoroughbred Bloodstock boss Darren Dance, who bought into the horse after his Ebor Handicap win.

“We see Wicklow Brave as the hardest to beat and we needed the weight pull on him to have a chance. He said to me, ‘We’re coming here to win the race. We’re not here for any other reason but win the race and we’re going to enjoy the experience’.”

Having carved a reputation for his canny ability to pull off betting plunges, Martin was at his entertaining best at Werribee on Sunday and said he could find few rivals who have also ghosted into the race with a light weight.

“I’d be far more confident for a big race because the horses are more exposed rather than going for a Mickey Mouse handicap at home because there’s probably five f—ers doing the same as I’m doing,” Martin joked. “Whereas you go for a big handicap like a Galway Hurdle or Melbourne Cup they’re all exposed.”

And Martin’s compatriot Willie Mullins has been fretting that Wicklow Brave’s commanding Irish St Leger win, in which he beat subsequent Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe placegetter Order Of St George, will hinder his chances in the Melbourne Cup.

“I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to run in the Irish Leger and the Leger [field] cut up so much we ran,” Mullins said. “I was hoping I would have that improvement for the Melbourne Cup and he got 1.5 kilos for that [win]. I hope that hasn’t sunk me. It’s a nice compensation anyway.”

Lexus Stakes winner Oceanographer ($7) is the shortest priced of the nine overseas-trained runners with Ladbrokes as punters tread cautiously around Bondi Beach ($9.50), Heartbreak City ($15) and Wicklow Brave ($18).

If they can’t work out which one to back, they won’t have trouble dissecting the tempo of the race with representatives of Japan’s Curren Mirotic and topweight Big Orange pledging to make it a true staying test.

“If anything wants to lead him they’re very welcome to, but I would suggest if they do lead him they won’t be leading him when it comes to the home straight,” Big Orange’s trainer Michael Bell said.

“Big Orange is arguably the best two miler – certainly in Britain – and Order Of St George you could say might be better than him.” The ultimate racing form guide with free tips, live odds and alerts for all racing.

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Israel Folau revealed as mystery Wallabies player to put Michael Cheika in hospital

Israel Folau was the mystery Wallabies player who put Michael Cheika in hospital and forced him to have a shoulder operation just days out from the spring tour.
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Cheika has kept quiet on who did the damage at Wallabies training two weeks ago on the Monday leading into the All Blacks fixture at Eden Park.

While Cheika showed no signs of pain during that week, he was was advised to undergo shoulder surgery in the days before Australia departed for Europe with a grand slam in their sights.

Cheika did not leave with the team on Friday, instead opting to go a day later, understood to be because of the pain he was still in.

He did, however, make an appearance at the John Eales Medal on Thursday evening in Sydney, sharing light-hearted banter with emcee Sandra Sully on stage.

It was on this same night that reserve Wallabies halfback Nick Frisby let slip the secret as to who injured Cheika during a live-stream on rugby南京夜网419论坛 that was not broadcast to those in the room.

“Cheik’s not telling anyone who hurt his shoulder,” said former Wallabies hooker Adam Freier, who was conducting the interview. “Was it any of you blokes who tackled him?”

“I’m happy to give it away,” Frisby said. “It obviously wasn’t me at 80 kilos. It was big Israel Folau. Came down on him on a high ball … I think Cheik’s lucky it wasn’t me, he probably would have done both shoulders.”

Frisby’s admission surprised teammate Sean McMahon who then went on to give his opinion of the incident.

“Let’s be honest that’s what you get when Israel Folau’s coming down on you with a high ball, someone’s shoulder is probably going downhill,” McMahon said.

It makes plenty of sense given when Cheika was asked about the injury on stage, Folau looked a little sheepish in his seat.

Cheika confirmed to reporters during the week he had just come out of surgery but did not want to reveal the player that made him worse for wear.

“When I rang my missus afterwards and told her what happened, the first thing she said was, ‘is the player alright?’ It was an interesting day out,” Cheika said. “I’m out for this season, I think if I work on myself hard I’ll be right for next season. It’s going to be tricky half the time. I had to do it, I wasn’t that keen to get it done. If I didn’t do it I wouldn’t be able to use my arm properly. She’s done now I can’t turn back.”

It is not known whether Folau will have to make it up to the coach as Cheika prepares to battle through a five-week tour with his arm in a sling but there appears to be no hard feelings.

Folau would want to hope not either, with Cheika saying he intends to start Folau at outside centre at some point during the spring tour given Samu Kerevi has been ruled out through injury.

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Saints’ mixed bag of results

This weekend of cricket had mixed results for the Trentham Saints.
Nanjing Night Net

Round 4 had A Reserves travelling to Guildford for theirgame and B Grade had the bye.

Trentham A Reserves won the toss and Dolf Reid put the Saints in to bat.

Openers Sam Bruton and Christopher Boyer had a slow start on the sticky wicket and after 10 overs and only sitting on about 45 runs it looked worrying for the Saints. Then Boyer and Bruton wanted to compare sixesand both smashed one out of the parkand the run rate started moving a bit quicker, until Boyer tried for another sixwhich saw him caught with 40 runs.

Jake Sartori came in to make a quick sevenruns for his nineballs faced before being bowled. The captain Reid made a quick 33 before the last ball hit by Bruton saw them running for twobefore Bruton was run out.

The Saints finished with 127 on the board.

Opening the bowling was Adam Chew and Tom Boyer, with Chewtaking one wicket and both bowling well keeping Guildford low on the run rate. Ted Cooper and Adam Prewett began the double wicket tally with Cooperon 2/12 and Adam 2/13. Michael Chew came in with his one over bowled 1/4.

Guildford came in short with 83 runs.

Sunday Saints played round fivewith A Reserves having the bye and B Grade playing at home against Muckleford. B Grade was sent in to bowl.

The first opening batsman was caught off Jake Sartori’s bowling. Tom Boyer was sitting on a hat trick,but missed and eventually finished with 4/21.

Michael Chew rolled the arm over an grabbed 2/11 and the Saints had Muckleford for 99.

Opening the batting were cousins MichaelChew and Jack Boyer, but Chewwas out on a duck. Satchi then came in and then left with tworuns after being caught out.

Tim Chew hit his eightruns and went out with 12 runs on the board for the Saints.

Jake Prewett made nineand then the fill-in captain came in. Boyer went to smash his fourth four, but the bat snapped and he was caught, making 24 runs.

Shane Armstrong came in was out on fourruns andDean was run out on 2 runs and 57 on the board.

Chris Boyers came in and with rain looming they managed to get the score to 96 before Armstrong was caught.

Tom Boyer was in and with one wicket in hand, 3.2 overs and fourruns to make the umpire called off the game due to rain.

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Community recovery expert to help Dreamworld, Gold Coast ‘rebuild’

Dreamworld chief executive Craig Davidson will work with Inspector Mike McKay, whop was appointed by Ardent Leisure boss Deborah Thomas. Photo: Tammy LawA community recovery expert has been appointed by Dreamworld’s management to provide advice on the Dreamworld and Gold Coast community recovery process following the recent disaster.
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Inspector Mike McKay accepted the position offered by Ardent Leisure, the operator of Dreamworld, on Sunday to work closely with the park’s CEO Craig Davidson to provide advice on the Dreamworld and the Gold Coast community recovery following the death of four adults on one of the theme park’s rides on Tuesday.

Ardent Leisure CEO Deborah Thomas said Inspector McKay, the recipient of the Australian Police Medal for his 41-year contribution to policing in Queensland, was appointed on the personal recommendation of the state’s Police Commissioner Ian Stewart.

Mr McKay said his first order of business was understanding the logistics of the tragedy which claimed four lives, with a long-term goal to restore international trust.

“I have asked the Dreamworld CEO, Craig Davidson, to develop a structured program of community healing to work with the families, authorities, the government, non-government organisations and the public to rebuild trust and confidence in Dreamworld,” she said.

“Then and only then can we think about reopening our park.

“Dreamworld has suffered an absolute tragedy. It has devastated families and our surrounding community. We need to rebuild.

The appointment comes just days after Ardent Leisure faced criticisms over its public response to the nation’s worst park tragedy in decades.

Meanwhile a Workplace Health and Safety spokesperson said the investigation into what caused the Thunder River Rapids ride malfunction could take “several weeks or a few more days”.

“It depends on the inspectors,” he said.

“Having listened to some of the briefings, we may have some updates in the week in terms of the state of the investigation.”

Two fundraisers have been set up to support the families of the four who lost their lives on Tuesday.

Sandra Brookfield, who calls herself a “close family friend of the family” has managed to raise more than $50,000 from more than 900 donations.

It is understood the funds are expected to go towards a memorial fund for the daughters, aged 12 and eight months, of Kate Goodchild.

National, not-for-profit GIVIT has also set up an official fund for the families and community members affected by Tuesday’s tragedy after it was approached by the City of the Gold Coast on recommendation by the state government.

The charity entered into an official partnership with the Queensland government in 2013 for the management of all donated goods and services during the recovery phase of natural disasters.

It is understood at least $100,000 has been donated so far from a range of Gold Coast businesses.

-with AAP

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Tasmania the place for an electric car race

TASMANIA is not as geographicallyblessed compared with other states when it comes to interstate road trips.
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The melting of an ice age 12,000 years ago added some difficulties in the vehicular commute from Victoria to Tasmania.

Unlike the mainland, where driving across a border is a staple of most summer family holidays, Tasmania is not well-known as aneasy road-trip destination.

There is an ever-growing number of cars and caravans coming across on the Spiritof Tasmania and this is a testament to great promotion and marketing by Tourism Tasmania and TT-Line.

But so much more could be done to show the rest of the nation how stunning thisstate’s roads are.

The ribbon of tarmac that winds its way between towering mountains and along spectacular beaches is the thing of drivers’ dreams.

Each year when Targa Tasmania rolls around some of the world’s most exotic and simple drivers’ cars don the state’sroads for the motor sport event.

In an unfamiliar pairing, now is the time to mix motor sport with greenenergy to help the state’s economy through tourism.

As RACT Member Assist managerDarren Moody discoveredthere are some fantastic electric cars on the market, albeit out of most people’s price range, like the Tesla.

This is a high-powered sports car perfect for a new category in a Targa Tasmania rally.

There are solar-car challenges elsewhere in the nation but with a high number of electric performance cars in Victoria, Tasmania is the perfect place to introduce an electric class in the Targa rally.

You can not call the majority of electric-car owners ‘petrol heads’ –quite the opposite actually.

But a love of speed and excitement translates across fuel sources and even people who buybattery-propelled cars to help the polar bears would enjoy driving on a controlled rally stage.

It is food for thought.

In the long run, electric cars will saturate more of Australia’s motoring market.

But are they the solution to lowering carbon emissions and will the rising popularity reach the ability to kill theinternal combustion engine?

Not at this stage.

Range issues, charging stations and Australia’s reliance on fossil fuels will stifle the rise of the buzz boxes.

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