Silly behaviour putting all road users at risk

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The nonsense on our roads has simply got to stop.
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In the past week we’ve seen multiple crashes around the city, seemingly caused by people in too much of a hurry.

There was the one at the Travers Street roundabout that held people up driving over the Gobba Bridge. There was the one out near Gumly. Let’s not forget the one outside of Bunnings at one of the most bizarre double-roundabouts in the country. Then there was the one where a car tried to pass a B-double on a roundabout, with predictable results.

In each of these cases, crashes could have been avoided if the drivers simply slowed down and paid attention to what was going on around them. But sadly, the comfort of modern motoring lull us into such a false sense of security we tend to forget we’re handling massive lumps of steel and plastic at speeds our forefathers would hardly believe.

However, while these were relatively minor bingles, Saturday’s crash has hammered home the peril we face on the roads.

There’s not a lot of information about exactly what happened at this stage and the police will likely spend some time with the driver of the Prado in the very near future. But what we do know is this –the Toyota Tarago was stopped in a rest area, exactly where we’re told to be when we get tired, when a four-wheel drive ploughed into it.

Witnesses say there were suitcases and personal belongings strewn across the rest area and the back of the Tarago was completely crushed.Given the road and the speed limit, it’s possible the four-wheel drive was travelling at a high speed before the crash, which would easily explain the debris and extent of the damage.

What’s unclear is how on earth four children, two in each car, managed to escape without any serious injuries. Certainly for the driver of the four-wheel drive, the safety advances of modern motoring meant she escaped without life-threatening injuries.

Our hearts must go out, though, to the two adults who are fighting for their lives in a Sydney hospital. It would appear as though they tried to do the right thing, but sadly found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The worst part is all of these crashes could have been avoided if we would simply heed the warnings police are continually repeating. Slow down. Take a break. Don’t rush.

This nonsense on the roads must stop.

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