Tasmania the place for an electric car race

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TASMANIA is not as geographicallyblessed compared with other states when it comes to interstate road trips.
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The melting of an ice age 12,000 years ago added some difficulties in the vehicular commute from Victoria to Tasmania.

Unlike the mainland, where driving across a border is a staple of most summer family holidays, Tasmania is not well-known as aneasy road-trip destination.

There is an ever-growing number of cars and caravans coming across on the Spiritof Tasmania and this is a testament to great promotion and marketing by Tourism Tasmania and TT-Line.

But so much more could be done to show the rest of the nation how stunning thisstate’s roads are.

The ribbon of tarmac that winds its way between towering mountains and along spectacular beaches is the thing of drivers’ dreams.

Each year when Targa Tasmania rolls around some of the world’s most exotic and simple drivers’ cars don the state’sroads for the motor sport event.

In an unfamiliar pairing, now is the time to mix motor sport with greenenergy to help the state’s economy through tourism.

As RACT Member Assist managerDarren Moody discoveredthere are some fantastic electric cars on the market, albeit out of most people’s price range, like the Tesla.

This is a high-powered sports car perfect for a new category in a Targa Tasmania rally.

There are solar-car challenges elsewhere in the nation but with a high number of electric performance cars in Victoria, Tasmania is the perfect place to introduce an electric class in the Targa rally.

You can not call the majority of electric-car owners ‘petrol heads’ –quite the opposite actually.

But a love of speed and excitement translates across fuel sources and even people who buybattery-propelled cars to help the polar bears would enjoy driving on a controlled rally stage.

It is food for thought.

In the long run, electric cars will saturate more of Australia’s motoring market.

But are they the solution to lowering carbon emissions and will the rising popularity reach the ability to kill theinternal combustion engine?

Not at this stage.

Range issues, charging stations and Australia’s reliance on fossil fuels will stifle the rise of the buzz boxes.

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